9 Daily Habits That Will Make you Happier

This week’s CNI College Career Tips features exciting ways to make you happier. In fact, happiness is what we strive for each day no matter what we do or who we are. There are nine small changes that you can make in your lifestyle to make you a happier person and the more often you do them, you will begin to realize that these changes will turn into habits and these habits will make you a happier person.

  1. Start each day with an expectation
  2. Take time to plan out each day and prioritize your tasks
  3. Smile. Smile at everyone you meet or see.
  4. Don’t argue about opinionated topics that spark controversy such as religion and politics
  5. Assume that all people have good intentions
  6. Eat high quality food slowly because it took time to cook and you want to enjoy every bite
  7. Don’t worry about your results and focusing on things that are outside of your control
  8. Turn off “background” TV because it turns you into a mindless consumer
  9. End each day with gratitude and be appreciative that you lived and enjoyed that full day