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Start Soon to Become an MRI Technologist at CNI College

There is no better time than now to start CNI College Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI Technologist Diploma Program. Get out of the rut of a low paying dead end job and start a career where you can move up. The MRI technologist diploma only takes 1720 clock hours, or 60 credit units. This means…

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Considering Surgical Tech? Here’s an Overview for You

While most people think of doctors and registered nurses when they think of the medical field, there are lots of other types of professionals. Not all of them require a college degree. Becoming a surgical tech is a great job opportunity. The certificate takes only a little over a year to finish. Entering students are…

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What Graduates Think You Should Know Before Starting LVN Certification

When you consider LVN certification, there are lots of things you can know before beginning your program. You can visit the school and meet the professors. You can find information about starting salaries and opportunities in your area. However, it’s hard to know what the experience will be like before you begin. On the other…

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Now Is the Time to Check out LVN Programs–the Field Is Growing!

If you’re checking out different LVN programs, you might wonder about what the career path of an LVN looks like. Of course, the first step is to graduate from an LVN school that is approved by the state board of nursing. Keep in mind that your time in school isn’t just about checking off course…

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Why Choose LPN Certification over Certified Nursing Assistant?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider licensed practical nurse, or LPN certification over becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA). CNA training may take a little less time, but the earning potential is also much less. A CNA can expect to make between $23,00 and $30,000 per year. An LPN can expect…

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After LVN Certification, There Are Lots of Choices for Jobs

You may be wondering what kind of a job lies ahead after LVN certification. Putting it simply, the job description for a licensed practical nurse is to give basic care to patients. This is done under the supervision of a doctor or registered nurse. However, under this basic explanation, the job can take many twists…

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Read Our Tips to Find the Best LVN Program Near Me

Anyone thinking about going to LVN school is going to need to do some research. An LVN program (also called LPN) is less of a time and financial commitment than a four-year college or nursing program. As you search LVN program near me, make sure you’re making a list of accredited schools. This is important…

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What You Need to Know About Financial Aid and LVN Certification

Anyone thinking of pursuing LVN certification will need a plan for how to pay for tuition. You’ll find a range of prices when you search for “LVN programs near me”. In Orange County, most schools charge a little more than $30,000 for an LVN course. Then you need to factor in how much books and…

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Read Our Study Tips to Get the Most from LVN School

So you’ve decided to go to LVN school! Congratulations! You’ve chosen a stable and rewarding career. First you’ve got to finish your LVN program. Keep in mind that the program is pretty fast-paced. Before you begin, you need to have a study plan. The best approach is to set aside a certain amount of time…

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Grads of LVN Programs Report Great Job Satisfaction

There are many reasons that job satisfaction is high among those who have completed LVN programs. First of all, it is a great career with many options. Look for a job in a hospital, in a doctor’s office, or a surgical setting. There are also opportunities in psych, hospice care, or other areas of specialty.…

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