When You Finish the MRI Program: A Typical Day on the Job

Those who have completed an MRI program and entered the workforce report a high level of job satisfaction. This is very important when choosing a job. Who wants to dread going to work everyday? MRI technologists enjoy the variety in their jobs and feeling like they make a difference. Good people skills are a must. … Read more

Become an MRI Technician–the Future Is Bright!

The future is looking bright for anyone who has chosen to become an MRI technician. The number of healthcare positions is growing at a steady pace. There should be an abundance of jobs in the coming years. It is also an added bonus that most MRI training is accepted in all 50 states. That means … Read more

Considering Surgical Tech? Here’s an Overview for You

While most people think of doctors and registered nurses when they think of the medical field, there are lots of other types of professionals. Not all of them require a college degree. Becoming a surgical tech is a great job opportunity. The certificate takes only a little over a year to finish. Entering students are … Read more