Bariatric Surgery Could Help Severely Obese Adults

When most weight loss methods have failed, most people turn to bariatric surgery. According to a new study, going under the knife for weight loss reasons can actually expand the lifespan of severely obese adults. A group of doctors tracked 2,500 individuals who underwent bariatric surgery between 2000 and 2011 as a part of the Veterans Affairs health system.

As a part of the study, obese individuals who underwent bariatric surgery were matched with obese controls who didn’t have the surgery. At the end of the study, 263 deaths were reported in the surgical patients, while 1,277 deaths were reported by those who didn’t have bariatric surgery. When comparing the mortality rates of the two groups, the results were obvious – after ten years, those who had the surgery had a morality rate of 13.8 percent and those who skipped the surgery had a mortality rate of 23.9 percent after the same amount of time.

As the numbers show, the positive effects of bariatric surgery become evident after five and ten years of having the procedure. The results further show evidence of the beneficial relationship between surgery and survival. Besides studies that show patients with lower BMIs live longer, this is the first evidence of its kind that correlates bariatric surgery with extended lifespans.

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