Read Our Tips to Find the Best LVN Program Near Me

Anyone thinking about going to LVN school is going to need to do some research. An LVN program (also called LPN) is less of a time and financial commitment than a four-year college or nursing program. As you search LVN program near me, make sure you’re making a list of accredited schools. This is important … Read more

Read Our Study Tips to Get the Most from LVN School

So you’ve decided to go to LVN school! Congratulations! You’ve chosen a stable and rewarding career. First you’ve got to finish your LVN program. Keep in mind that the program is pretty fast-paced. Before you begin, you need to have a study plan. The best approach is to set aside a certain amount of time … Read more

Grads of LVN Programs Report Great Job Satisfaction

There are many reasons that job satisfaction is high among those who have completed LVN programs. First of all, it is a great career with many options. Look for a job in a hospital, in a doctor’s office, or a surgical setting. There are also opportunities in psych, hospice care, or other areas of specialty. … Read more

Get LVN Certification Now and You Can Become an RN Later

People who are looking into nursing school need to decide what kind of credential to get. LVN certification is one option. To get it, students go to school full time for around a year. Part time students take around 18 months to finish. If you search “LVN programs near me”, you’ll find that many programs … Read more

Look for LVN Programs that Help Grads Find a Job

Those who complete LVN programs at CNI College are not alone in their job search. The Career Services Department is here to help. Although the department cannot guarantee employment, your chances are certainly better working with them. Graduates of CNI already have one step up by completing LVN programs at an accredited school. This is … Read more

Tops Reasons to Earn LPN Certification and Become an LVN

Whether you’re a high school senior wondering what to do after graduation or someone who’s looking to start a new career, LPN certification might be for you. Licensed professional nurse or licensed vocational nurse are just two different names for the same certification. One of the best reasons to become an LVN is job security. … Read more