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CNI College Presented with the CAPPS Community Service Award

A Leader in Orange County Giving Recognized for Culture of Giving Santa Ana, CA-based CNI College was awarded the 2020 California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS) Excellence in Community Service Bronze Award (https://www.cappsonline.org/scholarships-awards/community-service-awards/). This award recognizes CNI College’s community service initiatives, service learning, and civic engagement by the school’s administration and students. CNI College’s…

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Job Prospects Are Great When You Become an MRI Technologist!

There are many reasons to consider becoming an MRI technologist. One of the best parts is that it only takes two years of school to make a respectable amount of money. The average starting salary is $46,500 per year. That is just the beginning. If you specialize, you could make around $100,000 per year. Go…

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Becoming a Surgical Tech Is a Great Path for Job Security

There are a lot of reasons people choose to go back to school. A big one is finding a career with good job security. At CNI College, we offer a variety of allied health degrees, which offer livable salaries and job security. Today we’re going to discuss reasons you might want to become a surgical…

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New Year, New You! Sign up for LVN Part Time Classes

With the new year, it’s natural to start thing about making changes in your life, career changes being at the top of the list. A lot of people graduate high school and start working and are happy to be done with the demands of school. Or they go to work because they’re not sure what…

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CNI College Now Offering Part-Time LVN Classes!

A big selling point for LVN school is that the program only takes about a year to complete. However, many people don’t have the ability to take a year off and commit to school full time. Because of this, CNI College has started offering its excellent LVN program on a part time basis, as well…

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A Surgical Technologist Needs a Good Eye for Detail

If you’re considering a career as a surgical technologist, you might be wondering what your job will look like once you’re done with surgical tech school. One of the major jobs of surgical techs in the surgical theater is infection control. A patient is especially vulnerable to infection during a surgery. Their skin is open…

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When You Finish the MRI Program: A Typical Day on the Job

Those who have completed an MRI program and entered the workforce report a high level of job satisfaction. This is very important when choosing a job. Who wants to dread going to work everyday? MRI technologists enjoy the variety in their jobs and feeling like they make a difference. Good people skills are a must.…

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Get LPN Certification and Have a Patient Care Focused Career

As you’re researching schools for LPN certification, you might feel a certain amount of pressure to go straight for an RN. Many people believe, incorrectly, that LVNs and LPNs aren’t as respected a part of a medical team as a registered nurse. What most graduates find is just the opposite. They work with doctors and…

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Be a Surgical Assistant and Work with Many Different Types of Surgeons

Becoming a surgical assistant can be very exciting and rewarding. It is also a great choice because there are many different types of surgeons you could work with. Therefore, you could look into working in an area that interests you. Some surgeons work within a very broad scope and others are highly specialized. A broad…

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Become an MRI Technician–the Future Is Bright!

The future is looking bright for anyone who has chosen to become an MRI technician. The number of healthcare positions is growing at a steady pace. There should be an abundance of jobs in the coming years. It is also an added bonus that most MRI training is accepted in all 50 states. That means…

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