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From: Office of the President

I want to personally reassure you that the CNI College administration and faculty are committed to creating solutions that will insure your education will not be interrupted. As each day unfolds with news and information from our national health organizations about the COVID-19 virus, we will continue to keep you current on any changes related to CNI College and your education. We are dedicated to make sure you have access to your educational programs, resources, faculty, and ongoing success.

At this time, we are in the process of transitioning all applicable courses to an online format. For courses with clinical or extern components, we are addressing each situation as needed. Our high fidelity simulation labs are still open on campus to accommodate students during this adjustment for a safe, alternative clinical site environment. We are working with the latest technology to maintain constant communication across all programs to deliver a seamless educational experience.

Please stay in contact with your instructor and CNI College during this transition period. We will continue to provide frequent updates as new information becomes available. During this time of uncertainly, your safety and education are important to us. Your faculty members and administrative teams are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and cooperation as we work through this situation together.

Jim Buffington
President / CNI College

March 12, 2020
Important Message Regarding COVID-19

Dear CNI College Community,

At CNI College, our primary concern is always for the well-being of our students and employees. As a college serving families and employees, we have a serious obligation to ensure we are preparing and planning for any emergency that could create a large-scale impact on our community members and campus operations.

We currently have a heightened awareness and concern regarding COVID-19 and the potential impact on our CNI College community. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a novel virus that has been spreading worldwide.

Last Monday, our faculty and staff began meeting to complete a comprehensive plan to address how we will deal with the potential of COVID-19 having a direct and significant impact at CNI College. This plan will address the actions to be taken based on the level of severity of the threat.

In an effort to increase college communication regarding COVID-19, we encourage you to visit https://cnicollege.edu/ regularly to view any communications and updates regarding our current college status and helpful information.

The best thing we can all do now is follow CDC recommendations regarding hand washing and other precautions.

Thank you for your support and confidence as we move forward.

Jim Buffington

Orange County Nursing School

Jim Buffington
President | CNI COLLEGE
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