Labor Stats in Medicine

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes statistics about jobs of all types, including those in the healthcare field. By carefully reviewing these statistics and trends, it is possible to find information that can be helpful in making career decisions about courses of study and the possibility of finding a job upon graduation.

Healthcare Statistics

Overall, employment in the healthcare field has been growing at a tremendous rate for the past ten years. While there has been a slight downturn in some areas of employment, the courses offered at CNI College provide preparation for jobs in areas that are consistently high-performing in terms of the number of new positions created each year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics at, the following statistics are available for jobs in the fields in which degrees are offered at CNI College:

Job Title Predicted Job Growth Notes
RN With Associate Degree 19 Percent Nursing jobs are predicted to grow at a very fast rate, with 526,800 jobs added by 2022.
Massage Therapist 23 Percent Massage therapy is becoming a very popular option for alternative healthcare, and the number of massage therapy jobs are predicted to skyrocket in the next few years.
Medical Assistant 29 Percent This field is open to many new graduates, with 162,900 jobs expected to be added by 2022.
MRI Technologist 21 Percent MRI technologist jobs are predicted to increase quickly in number. The BLS predicts 48,600 new jobs by 2022.
RN with BSN Degree 19 Percent While nurses with a two-year RN are often qualified for the same jobs as those with a BSN, the higher the degree the more likely the pay will increase. Getting a BSN can significantly increase a nurse’s salary at any job.
Surgical Technologist 30 Percent Surgical technologists will enjoy one of the fastest growth rates in the health care industry, with 29,300 new jobs added by 2022.
Vocational Nurse 41 Percent With 15,900 jobs added by 2022, vocational nurses will enjoy the fastest growth rate of any area in the healthcare industry.

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