Looking for Your First Surgical Tech Job? Be Sure to Write a Strong Resume!

Take time with your resume when searching for a surgical tech job.For a new surgical tech, the step after certification is finding a job. While there is high demand for techs, there is also a lot of competition. To stand out, you need to start with a top-notch cover letter and resume. The first thing to do is to read the surgical tech job description very carefully. Pay attention to the specific duties for the job. Then go over your resume and cover letter. Hiring managers are mostly going to scan cover letters. Make sure that your first paragraph, especially, covers the accomplishments and experience that make you the right person for the job. Since most applications are submitted online, take time to incorporate keywords. Go over the job description again. Be sure to use the same words and phrases as the job description to describe your qualifications.

Highlight the Skills You Learned in Surgical Tech School

Now it’s time to turn to your resume. If this is your first job after surgical tech school, you need to talk up your externship. This is the closest you come to job experience. Be as detailed as possible about the professionals you worked with. Clearly describe the tasks you did and the techniques and technology you know how to work with.

CNI College is a great place to go to become a surgical technologist. The college offers good hands-on training and a strong externship program. Students can also take advantage of job-hunting help from the student services office.