More Specialty Nurses Needed to Support Workers with IBD

A report by Lancaster University’s Work Foundation recommends an increase in the amount of specialist nurses so people with IBD can manage their condition in the workplace. The Work Foundation also advises that certain government services be fine-tuned to better accommodate those struggling with the disease. IBD, such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, affects the digestive system and causes different parts to become sore. In the UK, it affects around 300,000 people, and in the United States the number hovers around one million.

The report shows that IBD impacts the world of work – while job satisfaction, financial considerations, and job flexibility are key factors when employees make decisions about employment, IBD has psychological implications on employees, including anxiety, depression, and a reduced sense of wellbeing. Specialist nurses are cited as being a great source of support, by both employees and employers. Since they provide information and support from initial diagnosis through treatment, specialty nurses can help improve job satisfaction and performance.

Other recommendations include individuals equipping themselves with the proper information, employers ensuring that managers and other employees create a supportive culture, and that patient charities be used to raise awareness among employers. If you’re interested in taking the first step towards a career in nursing, enroll in CNI’s programs today.