New MRI Technology Allows Patients to Control Comfort

MRI technologists and patients both agree that MRIs can be a noisy, intimidating and uncomfortable experience for patients. GE and a company called Visual Therapy have developed an innovative Magnetic Resonance patient suite that gives patients the opportunity to take their senses to a whole new level instead of focusing on the daunting process of getting an MRI.

Patients who use this state-of-the-art patient suite can listen to the relaxing sounds of a peaceful ocean instead of the traditional jack-hammering or banging sound. Patients can choose the color lighting they want in the room. By choosing the scenery and sounds before the exam starts, patients will feel more in control of their surroundings. They can even bring their iPod or iPad and watch a movie. These suites come with a 70-inch flat screen fixated on the ceiling, so focusing on something other than the MRI is easier than ever before.

Another exciting feature of these suites is the length of the exam. Traditionally, MRIs take at least an hour-sometimes longer. Now, the MRI exam takes between 20 and 30 minutes. The new suite can be used for patients of all ages and is especially helpful for patients who are claustrophobic of anxious.