Nurses Enjoy A Variety of Career Options

The nursing field offers high-skill positions with potential for high wages and better job security, which makes it a very enticing career choice for those interested in the healthcare industry. The two main career paths that nurses can go down is pursuing a career as a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse. These two types of nurses partake in activities such as providing direct patient care and essential services to the medical field.

The difference between a registered nurse and a licensed vocational nurse can be defined by a variety of influencing factors, such as the length of time in school, responsibilities, and wages. To become a licensed vocational nurse, one must go through a one-year program at an accredited vocational nursing school. On the other hand, becoming a registered nurse requires an associate degree in nursing, which generally takes two to three years to complete. Registered nurses generally make about 60% more than licensed vocational nurses, which is why many prospective nurses go through the RN route.

Registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses usually become office or hospital nurses, who are then placed into nursing-care facilities, home care, and/or advanced practices. CNI Healthcare College of Orange County in California offers both programs that students can take to get the necessary vocational nurse training or registered nurse training to jumpstart their careers.