Nursing is a Great Career No Matter Your Age

For many, nursing is a desirable profession: the hours are flexible, the benefits are ideal, and the satisfaction of helping others is unmatched. While many may view nursing as a first-time profession, and probably envision nursing schools as being packed with teenagers fresh out of high-school, the truth is anyone can make a career out of nursing and thousands each year make nursing their second or third career.

In this story, Steven Lee, an airline pilot, was facing a mandatory airline retirement age of 60 and began to think of a second career. A friend mentioned he was attending a nursing school himself, and Lee decided to do the same. Though Lee chose nursing to fulfill a need to help others and as a way to escape post-retirement boredom, others, who have been forced to resign from their careers due to the failing economy or who cannot find a job with their degree, are finding a second wind in nursing.

In an economy where thousands of job titles are in danger and employees constantly worry about their futures, even in mega-corporations, the demand for nurses continues to increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Outlook projects the employment of nurses with an associate’s degree will increase 26% between now and 2020. This is good news for students currently enrolled in a nursing program, and is a great option for anyone looking for a promising career path.