Powerful MRI Technology is New to Purdue

In early March, Purdue University installed a powerful type of MRI machine – a machine which the school claims is the only one of its kind in the state. By installing the machine, the university hopes they will boost research and MRI technology training capabilities in order to best serve the scientific community in the area.

Before the installation of the current machine, Purdue University’s MRI machine had a magnetic field strength of 3-Tesla. The new machine is more than twice as powerful, with a magnetic field strength of 7-Tesla. While the older machine was designed primarily for human clinical studies, the new machine is designed for use with small animals and for basic research, in addition to research on humans.

Purdue University’s MRI Facility is available to users from the university and around the state in research areas that range from psychology and cancer, to veterinary medicine and osteoarthritis. The $1.9 million MRI system was funded by partnerships among several departments, including the colleges of Engineering, and Science and Health.

Researchers will use the new MRI technology for work involving small lab animals, to image human body parts and tissues that have been removed during surgery or from cadavers, to study biomaterials for medicine, and to perform functional MRIs on the brains of live animals to complement studies on humans.