Silent MRI Scanner Hits the Market

As a potential MRI technology student, you may be aware of the health benefits of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. You may also be aware of the numerous complaints from patients and MRI technicians alike about the deafening sound emitted from them during an MRI scan. The loud noise, when combined with the confined and claustrophobic space, can create an uncomfortable experience for all parties involved.

GE Healthcare, a division of GE Technology Infrastructure that provides services in medical imaging and information technologies, has taken the matter into their own hands. They’ve created Silent Scan, a new way to reduce noise in MRI scanning, and it’s just hit the commercial market. According to GE Healthcare, they imagine a future full of silent MRIs via these MRI scanners that retrieve information in a “radically new” way.

Through this software update, GE Healthcare has changed the way the scanner acquires the image. Acoustic noise is eliminated by utilizing 3D scanning. When used in conjunction with GE’s new high-fidelity MRI gradient and RF system electronics, the MRI scanning noise is largely eliminated at its source.

Typically, an MRI scanner generates 110 decibels of noise at its peak; that’s about the same noise level as a rock concert. The Silent Scanner has the ability to reduce the volume of the scanner to mimic those of normal background noises. The new scanner is quiet enough to have conversation over.

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