MRI Upgrade Enhances Researchers’ View

With a recent upgrade to the 3-Tesla (3-T) MRI scanner, Penn State will have one of the most technologically advanced MRI scanners in the nation. The upgrade will give doctors and researchers a clearer and more detailed picture of the human brain and its functions, in addition to other bodily structures. Special funding from the … Read more

MRI Technology Can Help Diagnose Malaria

Although malaria diagnosis has changed very little over the past several decades, a research team from the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) has come up with a new possible alternative. By using magnetic resonance relaxometry (MRR), which is a close cousin of MRI technology, scientists are able to detect a parasitic waste product … Read more

Cancer Researchers Use MRI Technology to Improve Technique

Since its inception, cancer treatment has been tricky – researchers and physicians alike must walk the delicate line of delivering just enough radiation to kill cancerous tumors while trying to avoid damaging the healthy tissue that surrounds the tumor. Current radiation treatment relies on imaging scans which are taken prior to the treatment. While this … Read more

MRI Technology Used to Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers at the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre at The University of Nottingham have discovered a new and accurate way to test for Parkinson’s disease. By using MRI technology, the researchers were able to identify a specific imaging feature which resembles the tail of swallow. Referred to as the ‘swallow tail sign’, the sign … Read more

Powerful MRI Technology is New to Purdue

In early March, Purdue University installed a powerful type of MRI machine – a machine which the school claims is the only one of its kind in the state. By installing the machine, the university hopes they will boost research and MRI technology training capabilities in order to best serve the scientific community in the … Read more

MRI Technology: The Future of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Fusion biopsies, which fuse MRI technology with real-time ultrasounds, deliver important clinical advantages, including more accurate results. Although most prostate cancer experts aren’t ready to call the incorporation of MRI Technology into prostate biopsies the standard in prostate cancer imaging and diagnosis, they look forward to a day when it will be The future is bright for … Read more

California’s First MRI-Guided Laser Treatment Used for Brain Cancer

Now, through the use of MRI guidance, new MRI technology can safely destroy tumors located deep in the patient’s brain. By using novel MRI-guided laser technology, neurosurgeons at UC San Diego Health System have successfully treated a malignant tumor deep inside a patient’s brain. This is the first time the laser-based treatment has been performed in … Read more

New MRI Technology Allows Patients to Control Comfort

MRI technologists and patients both agree that MRIs can be a noisy, intimidating and uncomfortable experience for patients. GE and a company called Visual Therapy have developed an innovative Magnetic Resonance patient suite that gives patients the opportunity to take their senses to a whole new level instead of focusing on the daunting process of … Read more