Nursing: A Great Career for People of All Ages

In December 2014, nearly one thousand students graduated from a university in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Among them were a mother and son who were both graduating from the university’s nursing program. The pair started taking classes together in 2010; with the mother pursuing a doctorate in nursing, and the son concentrating on a bachelor’s degree … Read more

Empowering Nurses is the Key to Healthcare Innovation

A recent New York Times op-ed piece called “Nurses Are Not Doctors” explained the difference between doctors and nurses, and claimed that nurses shouldn’t have the same responsibilities when it comes to caring for patients. Nurses have a different skillset, and leveraging their strengths is the most effective way to improve the future of healthcare. … Read more

Nurses Are Essential to the Fight against Ebola

Although West Africa, the site of the worst-ever Ebola outbreak, has virtually no healthcare infrastructure of their own, potential and already diagnosed Ebola patients are still getting the medical treatment they deserve – thanks to the aid of foreign doctors and nurses, from countries like Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia. According to the … Read more

NICE Calls for Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Guidelines

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) claims that one nurse for more than eight adult patients may affect the quality of care provided and could, in fact, lead to inadequate care. Hospital boards and senior management should take the nurse-to-patient guidelines into action, in conjunction with a National Quality Board 2013 report. … Read more

Nurses Are a Critical Part of Population Health Management

Nurses are a crucial part of population health management– an industry-wide initiative to transition from reactive patient care to an approach that forecasts needs and enhances outcomes. Population health management places an emphasis on patients that are considered “high risk”, and nurses rely on technology to identify and analyze the most pressing health needs of … Read more

Student Nurses: A Day in the Life

Whether you’re a current nursing student or are simply considering becoming one, you may be curious about what makes up the typical day in the life of a student nurse. The most important thing to know is that life as a student nurse means that no two days are the same. Some days you’ll have … Read more

Nursing Changes to Meet Market Demands

If you’re contemplating a career in nursing, adaptation and a willingness to further one’s education is key for nurses and nursing students when it comes to maintaining a career in the present day healthcare industry. According to the Institute of Medicine 2010 report, nurses should “practice to the full extent of their education, achieve higher … Read more

A Nurse Who Still Loves What She Does After Fifty Years

As a potential or current nursing student, you’re well aware that the field of nursing is constantly evolving. Though you may experience many of these changes firsthand, imagine the changes you’d experience if you worked in the field for five decades. Gail Stroud, a nurse at Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC), is the medical center’s first Silver … Read more

A New Role for Nurses

For the first time in over 35 years, a new nursing role has been introduced to the medical field. The clinical nurse leader(CNL) grew out of a 1999 Institute of Medicine report that challenged healthcare providers to reduce medical errors while staying focused on patient safety. The American Association of Nurses (AACN) introduced the role … Read more

Changes in Nursing: Telemedicine

Since early spring, some patients in the UC San Diego Health System’s emergency department may have noticed a change. Instead of spending hours in the emergency room, patients were greeted by their doctor on a TV screen miles away. Instead of sitting face-to-face with a doctor, images of a doctor appeared; transmitted from their home, … Read more