What Nursing Students Can Learn from Missed Patient Care Research

As a potential nursing student, you may be familiar with horror stories your friends and family may have had while interacting with nurses- especially in the ER. Though these stories of neglect, lack of compassion, and low-quality care may be rare, they are still relevant. Missed nursing care, described as any aspect of required patient … Read more

Plenty of Training Options for Nursing Students

Those hoping to enter the thriving field of nursing have plenty of options when it comes to obtaining the education, training and licensing required by the field. Those on track to become a registered nurse typically take one of three paths: they earn 1) a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing, 2) an associate degree … Read more

Nursing is a Great Career No Matter Your Age

For many, nursing is a desirable profession: the hours are flexible, the benefits are ideal, and the satisfaction of helping others is unmatched. While many may view nursing as a first-time profession, and probably envision nursing schools as being packed with teenagers fresh out of high-school, the truth is anyone can make a career out … Read more

Nurses & Nursing Students Use Technology to Collaborate

The world of nursing is constantly changing, just as technology is consistently improving. By using innovative social media, like Google Hangouts, nurses can collaborate and learn from each other faster than ever. In the past, nursing students and working nurses had the option to learn from a classroom instructor, mediums like books or television shows, … Read more

A Projected Older America Creates Demand for Nurses

According to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau, the nation will be considerably older and more racially and ethnically diverse by 2060. The population 65 and older is expected to more than double between now and 2060, bringing the total number from just over 43 million to 92 million. As the population grows older and … Read more

Student Must-Haves for Success in Nursing

Though the fundamentals of good nursing will undoubtedly withstand the test of time, in today’s health care environment that focuses on technology, care coordination and patient-centered models, experts point to new “must-have” characteristics and skills that will aid student nurses in meeting the nursing challenges of tomorrow. The “must-have” characteristics and skills you should have … Read more