Surgical Technologists Investigating 3D Brain Surgeries

In the last few decades, minimally invasive surgery has become commonplace for surgical technologists, especially for easy-to-reach areas of the body, such as the abdomen and womb. More recently, surgeons have been able to use scopes in brain surgery, as well. The benefits of minimally invasive surgery include less recovery time, and a decreased risk … Read more

Google Glass in the Operating Room

Since its inception, Google Glass has been a curiosity among surgical technologists and other individuals in the healthcare industry. Many doctor’s officers and healthcare facilities have incorporated the technology in their daily operations. In September, a surgical team at the University of Alabama at Birmingham became the first to perform surgery using a virtual augmented … Read more

New Cancer Treatment Combines MRI & Ultrasound Technology

A new surgical technology has been invented in Israel that will radically transform how surgery is performed around the world. The groundbreaking health technology, called ExAblate, combines MRI and Focused Ultrasound to non-invasively treat tumors inside the body without the need for incisions. By combining the two technologies, the anatomy of the body is visualized, … Read more

Surgical Technologists Can Now Predict Recovery Time

Recently, the Mayo Clinic conducted a study using Fitbit activity trackers to monitor recovery time in cardiac surgery patients. Tracking steps with Fitbit is an easy and cost-effective way for surgical technologists to gather preliminary data that can be used to help hospitals determine the appropriate length of stay for patients recovering from surgery. Patients … Read more