Timeliness is Vital for Surgical Assistant Nurse Students

Become a surgical assistant nurse at CNI.Becoming a surgical assistant nurse is a great career move. Surgical first assistant training takes about a year to finish. The course is quite demanding. So students have to make a firm commitment to working hard. First, students have to finish four modules of classroom lectures. Next, they work on a module of mock surgeries. Finally, the complete 500 hours of externship. This is where students work in a doctor’s office, hospital or clinic. A surgical assistant nurse has many details to keep track of. It is critical that they master the procedures for prepping for a surgery, as well as the steps for assisting with procedures.

Practice Time Management During Surgical First Assistant Training

Because there is so much material to master, students must be on time to classes and should not leave early. They are also required to be in class at least 66.67% of the time. Students who miss more than 15% of class time may be put on attendance probation. Note that four tardies or leaving early equal an absence. Surgical tech students must make every effort to schedule appointments outside of class times. Practicing good time management in school will help students have a habit of being on time once they find a job. A good surgical tech will always have the operating room ready to go for surgery. Start practicing timeliness in school so that it will be second nature by the time you are working in the field.

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