What Is a Surgical Technician?

If you think you might enjoy the excitement of the operating room and want a fast-paced, demanding career that offers great personal satisfaction, surgical technician may be the right program for you. The Surgical Technology Program at CNI College is perfect for those who want to quickly obtain a degree and begin work immediately in this exciting field.
CNI College works with students of all ages and from many different backgrounds. We can help you achieve your educational and vocational goals quickly and easily, often for far less than you would spend at any other school.

What Does a Surgical Technician Do?

A surgical technician assists surgeons with their work. They are part of a surgical team that ensures that operating rooms are safe and sterile and that patients receive the best possible care. Surgical technicians perform a variety of duties including cleaning equipment, monitoring instruments and ensuring that everything in the operating room works properly. Surgical technicians are a vital component in the process of ensuring that surgical patients receive the very best and safest care possible.

Surgical technicians are in high demand, with employment projected to increase 30 percent in the next decade. Surgical technicians may find jobs in hospitals, surgical centers and even doctor’s offices or clinics that perform minor on-site surgery. Becoming a surgical technician can ensure that you have a strong and marketable job skill that will help you secure employment in the future.

Why Should I Choose CNI College for My Surgical Technology Program?

The Surgical Technology training program at CNI College offers no waiting list so you can start on your education immediately. Flexible schedules allow you to work at your own pace and complete classes as quickly as you like. The Surgical Technology program is an 1100-hour comprehensive course that features 500 hours of Surgical Technology externship at a participating healthcare center. The course is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools or ABHES. The program is also approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education or BPPE.
If you are interested in becoming a surgical technician in a program that offers you fast accreditation and job placement, talk to the counselors at CNI College today. We can help you decide if our Surgical Technology Program is right for you.