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CNI College Provides Lunch for More than 2,000 Nurses

CNI College recently provided lunch for more than 2,000 nurses to celebrate Nurses Week in May.

CNI College is an educational organization dedicated to preparing students for “real-life” jobs in the healthcare professions, and to that […]

Is There Really A Nursing Shortage?

There has been a great deal of debate in the past couple of years over whether there is a nursing shortage in the United States. Some areas report overpopulation of nurses and layoffs at […]

Veterans Retraining To Becoming Nurses

Those who have served our country with pride deserve recognition and thanks. However, what they deserve even more is the chance to integrate back into the community with the job skills that will allow […]

What To Expect After Graduation

One of the most exciting times in your life is graduation from your chosen program of study. You are now ready to face the world and find the job you have been training for! […]

Labor Stats in Medicine

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes statistics about jobs of all types, including those in the healthcare field. By carefully reviewing these statistics and trends, it is possible to find information that can be helpful […]