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Empowering Nurses is the Key to Healthcare Innovation

Posted on 11/24/2014 12:00 am

By utilizing the strengths of nurses, doctors could lower overall costs, increase their salaries, and raise the profile of primary care by solving patient needs in an efficient and personal manner.

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Nurses Are Essential to the Fight against Ebola

Posted on 11/17/2014 12:00 am

Although West Africa, the site of the worst-ever Ebola outbreak, has virtually no healthcare infrastructure of their own, potential and already diagnosed Ebola patients are still getting the medical treatment they deserve – thanks to the aid of foreign doctors and nurses.

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MRI Technology Can Help Diagnose Malaria

Posted on 11/10/2014 12:00 am

Although malaria diagnosis has changed very little over the past several decades, a research team has come up with a new possible alternative using MRI technology.

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3D Printing Can Help Surgical Technologists Fight Infection in Patients

Posted on 11/03/2014 12:00 am

In August 2014, surgical technologists unveiled 3D printed prototypes intended to help injured individuals avoid the operating room.

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Cancer Researchers Use MRI Technology to Improve Technique

Posted on 10/27/2014 12:00 am

A new cancer treatment system combines radiation therapy with MRI technology and allows physicians to view tumors in real-time and in high detail.

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Personal Fitness Trainers Notice an Increase in Home Gyms

Posted on 10/23/2014 12:00 am

The amount of people purchasing personal gym equipment is increasing, as a result the demand for fitness equipment has increased by more than 30 percent in the last five years.

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Can Massage Therapy Improve Circulation?

Posted on 10/13/2014 12:00 am

While various studies show that massage therapy has little effect on circulation, there are still many health benefits related to massage therapy including stress reduction and a decrease in muscle spasms.

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The First Class is the Toughest for Nursing Students

Posted on 10/06/2014 12:00 am

For students interested in a good-paying, stable nursing job, one class stands in the way: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology.

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Surgical Techs Could Help Surgeons Operate on Kids

Posted on 09/29/2014 12:00 am

Mini robotic arms may be able to automate some tasks performed during pediatric surgery.

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Medical Assisting: A Great Alternative to Medical School

Posted on 09/22/2014 12:00 am

Many individuals interested in working in the field of medicine are becoming medical assistant students, as medical assistants work in an environment similar to that of physicians, but are required to spend less time in school.

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