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Associate Nursing Degree

CNI College Profile

CNI College is committed to providing excellent academic educational opportunities in allied health disciplines for the intellectual, social, and professional development of a diverse student population. CNI College is devoted to the community we serve and committed to our graduates’ successful employment in the healthcare field.

CNI College was established in 1994 as a postsecondary vocational education center for allied health in Santa Ana, California. CNI College was moved to the City of Orange campus in 1997 in order to provide more spacious accommodations and an environment more conducive to learning. In 2019, CNI College relocated its campus to Santa Ana, California, to provide students with greater accommodations, space, and resources ensuring students and faculty have a thriving learning environment.

All students have access to the Library Information Resources Network (LIRN) online library database. The LIRN Virtual Library Collection consists of an expanded academic database consisting of holdings from arts and the humanities to social sciences, science, and technology. Additionally, CNI College, through St. Joseph Hospital's Burlew Medical library provides greater resources and services to students to ensure the needs of faculty and students are being met.

The student union and lounging area are open during school hours. The vending machines provide a variety of snacks and refreshments that students may purchase. Students are encouraged to use the lounges when eating and asked to respect the rights of all students to maintain a clean environment.

Students may consume food and beverages in the student lounging area, which is designated for this purpose. Smoking is prohibited within the college.

In keeping with the high educational standards of CNI College, the equipment used affords the student the opportunity to develop a practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials they will be using on the job.

The campus facility and the equipment it utilizes fully comply with any and all state and local ordinances and regulations, including those requirements for fire safety, building safety, and health safety.

About CNI College

CNI College, located in Orange County, provides you with a full range of career training to help you succeed in some of the most desired health related fields.
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Career Planning

CNI College offers career planning services to help students decide which healthcare career is best for them and graduate services to help students find employment after graduation. As a career college in the city of Orange, near Santa Ana and Anaheim, California, CNI College gives students all the tools they need to excel in the allied healthcare industry.
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