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CNI College Student Services

Accreditation and Approvals
CNI College is accredited and approved by numerous associations and agencies, including the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT), California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS), and Veterans Administration Benefits Training.

Career Services
CNI College’s Career Services Department is a vital part of the student’s educational program. Although the securing of positions cannot be guaranteed, the purpose of student services is to actively assist students in obtaining desirable employment.

The Career Services Department assists students and graduates in a broad range of career planning and advising to include; interviewing skills & follow-up, job opportunity generation through job Leads and networking, the full cycle of the hiring process including resumes and job applications, and professional attire workshops.

Students and graduates are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to work with the Career Services Department to sharpen their interviewing and presentation skills. Successful employment assistance is dependent upon a mutual effort by both graduates and the Career Services Department.

Graduates are encouraged to aggressively seek employment opportunities on their own, keep records of their contacts, and inform their Career Services Specialist of these efforts.

These employment assistance and student services are available to all students who successfully complete the requirements for graduation in their respective programs. Employment opportunities may be limited for anyone who has a criminal background.

CNI College’s mission is to provide adult learners with the skills and technical knowledge necessary to qualify for employment in ENTRY-LEVEL POSITIONS.  CNI COLLEGE CANNOT AND WILL NOT GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT TO ANYONE.  THE COLLEGE DOES NOT REPRESENT OR GUARANTEE COMPENSATION LEVELS TO ANYONE.

An eligible graduate is any student who has:

  1. Successfully completed all graduation requirements.
  2. Submitted a personal résumé to the Career Services Advisor.
  3. Returned all books, equipment, etc. belonging to the college.
  4. Fulfilled all financial obligations to the college and attended a Financial Aid Exit Interview, if applicable.


Upon graduation, the following graduate services are provided:

·         Interviewing and Job Search Skills

·         Résumé Writing

·         Placement Assistance

About CNI College

CNI College, located in Orange County, provides you with a full range of career training to help you succeed in some of the most desired health related fields.
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Career Planning

CNI College offers career planning services to help students decide which healthcare career is best for them and graduate services to help students find employment after graduation. As a career college in the city of Orange, near Santa Ana and Anaheim, California, CNI College gives students all the tools they need to excel in the allied healthcare industry.
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