Aliso Viejo

From: Aliso Viejo, CA to CNI College Orange, CA

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Total Time: 26 minutes

Total Distance: 22.2 miles

Aliso Viejo presents visitors with a bevy of entertainment options to choose from. The Aliso Viejo Golf Club was designed by the famous Jack Nicklaus and his son and features an 18-hole golf course with beautiful views. After a day in the sun, Aliso Viejo residents can cool down at the Ice Palace where they offer ice skating school and competitive hockey programs for youths and adults. Aliso Viejo, located around 22 miles from CNI College, has a city slogan “Aliso Viejo – Experience it All.” With all of the programs CNI offers, students have the opportunity to gain experience in disciplines such as,Medical Assistant, MRI tech and surgical technology. CNI students have the option of taking either day or evening classes, with financial assistance available.