Laguna Niguel

From: Laguna Niguel, CA to CNI College Orange, CA
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Arrive at: 1610 E Saint Andrew Place, Ste 200, Santa Ana, CA, 92705
Total Time: 29 minutes
Total Distance: 24.2 miles

Laguna Niguel is an enchanting city for a CNI student to live, work, or visit. Over one-third of the city is designated as open green space. Laguna Niguel is home to the Niguel Botanical Preserve which is an 18-acre botanical experience to remember. Stop and smell the roses as well as other plants from Australia, the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, as well as regional plants of California and Mexico. CNI's College campus is located about 25 miles from Laguna Niguel and offers students key coursework in programs such as Surgical Technology. The surgical tech program includes interactive training in an operating room environment where students will gain the skills to work with surgeons and registered nurses. If you’re serious about starting your career as a surgical tech, then our surgical tech program here at CNI Career College is right for you!