From: Orange, CA to CNI College Orange, CA
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Arrive at: 1610 E Saint Andrew Place, Ste 200, Santa Ana, CA, 92705
Total Time: 3 minutes
Total Distance: 1.1 miles

CNI College, located in the City of Orange, offers an accredited and approved Medical Assisting program.  students will gain the skills necessary for a rewarding career with opportunities for advancement in an innovative industry with flexible hours. The City of Orange has undergone change over the last 100 years by converting from a city based on agriculture to a thriving small town. Orange offers free after-school programs for children in kindergarten through 8th grade, wildlife sanctuaries, and a zoo for entertaining the little ones. Orange is also home to UCI Medical Center as well as St. Joseph Hospital, which are the two largest employers of the city. Get your career started at CNI and receive both the employment assistance our college is known for and a rewarding future salary as a medical assistant.