From: Westminster, CA to CNI College Orange, CA
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Arrive at: 1610 E Saint Andrew Place, Ste 200, Santa Ana, CA, 92705
Total Time: 16 minutes
Total Distance: 11.3 miles

The city of Westminster is located in Orange County and offers visitors many activities to choose from. For local thrills skate around at the Westminster Ice Arena or spend your hard earned money at the Westminster Mall. Westminster could always use a helping hand from a medical professional. Students that attend CNI for Vocational Nursing are always in demand. Vocational Nursing is a career choice with potential to grow with the increasing number of elderly people needing assistance. Students interested in MRI Programs have come to the right place- the MRI Tech Training Program at CNI is accredited by the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and prepares students to work in medical clinics and imaging centers with radiologists and physicians. If Vocational Nursing or MRI Technology aren't for you, choose from other programs such as Medical Assisting, Surgical Tech and MRI Tech. These programs that offer promising careers in the medical field are less than 20 minutes away for Westminster residents.