CNI College Provides Lunch for More than 2,000 Nurses

CNI College recently provided lunch for more than 2,000 nurses to celebrate Nurses Week in May.

CNI College is an educational organization dedicated to preparing students for “real-life” jobs in the healthcare professions, and to that end is consistently striving to help them understand the realities of their chosen fields. Recently, the college invited more than 2,000 nurses to an honorary luncheon to celebrate Nurses Week in May and also offered the opportunity for many CNI students to network with these professionals.

The college, as seen at, offered lunch at 25 locations to about 2,215 nurses and 375 students. Nurses and students relaxed, had a meal together and were able to enjoy each other’s company and chat about the current state of healthcare and other issues related to nursing. Students were given the chance to ask important questions about their chosen fields and receive answers from those who are already practicing. Nurses from a wide variety of jobs such as those in hospitals, doctor’s offices, government agencies and clinics were on hand to answer questions for students who are pursuing a number of career pathways.

Students were also given a “Nursing Survival Kit” at the luncheon which contained many items that are valuable to first-time nursing practitioners.

CNI College continues to train healthcare workers in a wide range of medical fields, including nursing, surgical tech and MRI. For more information, visit the school’s website.

About CNI College: CNI College is located in Orange, California, and serves the southern California region with quality educational programs in a wide range of fields. CNI College is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

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