Learn to be a Medical Assistant and Get Hands-on Training

Become a medical assistant at CNI College and get hands-on training.One of the great things about becoming a medical assistant is that you get to help people everyday on the job. For people with great people skills, medical assisting is an excellent fit for a career. At CNI College, students get to practice their practical skills in each class. Students hone their skills in class discussions and practical labs. They practice filling out key medical forms and insurance billing paperwork. They also work at managing finances and the daily operations of the office. Work at scheduling and developing a good bedside manner.

Medical Assisting Demands Attention to Detail and Good People Skills

Once students have a good grounding in basic skills, they move on to the externship. The externship is where students put their skills to use in a real clinic. They get to observe more experienced medical assistants working in the office. And they get to talk to real patients. A medical assistant should learn how to put patients at ease and prepare them to talk to the doctor. Keep in mind that a cheerful manner from you will set the stage for how the patient feels about their treatment.

Visit CNI College and read the requirements for the medical assistant program. Contact the admissions office to find out how to apply!