Is BSN the Same as RN?

A nurse in scrubs, carrying a duffle bag and walking to a hospital.

Is BSN the Same as RN? Exploring the Best Path to a BSN Degree In the field of nursing, one might often come across the terms BSN and RN. Those new to the profession often find these acronyms frequently used but confusing. BSN stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing, while RN refers to Registered … Read more

The Secrets Behind Nursing School

Nurse holding her hand up in a hush gesture

The Secrets Behind Nursing School What’s It Like, How to Choose a Program, and How to Excel If you’ve been considering enrolling in nursing school, we can’t blame you — it’s an in-demand career with a bright outlook, with positions for registered nurses expected to grow by 11% through 2031. Nurses in the United States … Read more

What Is an RN to BSN Program
and Why You Should Enroll in One

Registered nurses are in high demand in healthcare. There is an increasing demand for them to have more autonomy and take a leadership role in patient care. This shift will improve individual patient outcomes, the medical system, and create new career opportunities for nurses. It is projected to benefit all involved. Registered nurses need a … Read more

7 Reasons Why Nursing Students Are Choosing to Get a BSN Degree

A group of 6 BSN students walking down a hallway.

Nursing has always been a job path that united long-term growth potential with the chance to make a caring, compassionate impact on people’s lives. But the way you start this healthcare career might be changing, as many nursing students choose to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree versus an associate nursing degree program. … Read more

Nursing Diploma or Certificate

A nurse in blue scrubs stands in an operating room.

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse, you have three degree paths to consider: a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), an Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a Nursing Diploma/Certificate. Typically awarded by hospital-based nursing schools, a nursing diploma or certificate prepares graduates to take the NCLEX-RN exam, which is mandatory in order to … Read more

CNI College Now Offering Part-Time LVN Classes!

A big selling point for LVN school is that the program only takes about a year to complete. However, many people don’t have the ability to take a year off and commit to school full time. Because of this, CNI College has started offering its excellent LVN program on a part time basis, as well … Read more

For Hands-on, Practical Learning, Check out LVN Certification

Many people are drawn to LVN certification because of the short course of study, which is only about a year. Another draw for finding LVN programs near me is that the projected occupation profile is so positive. In California, the field is expected to grow by 21% by 2024. Experts project that there will be … Read more