Career Opportunities for Certified Surgical Technicians

Hospital surgery team in the operating room or Op of a clinic operating on a patient

In the dynamic world of healthcare, certified surgical technicians play a crucial role in saving lives and ensuring successful surgical outcomes. As a surgical technician, you are the backbone of the surgical team, responsible for preparing operating rooms, arranging equipment, and assisting doctors during surgeries. This profession is not only rewarding but also in high … Read more

Surgical Technology in the Modern Age

A surgical technician working in an operating room with a surgery in the background.

Surgery has come a long way from its early roots, evolving through centuries of practice, innovation, and discovery. In ancient times, surgery was often a blend of medical knowledge and mysticism, with the earliest surgical procedures being performed by priests and healers. These procedures were rudimentary and risky, limited by the lack of understanding of … Read more

The Vital Role of Surgical Technicians in Patient Care and Safety

Portrait of a female nurse holding the hand of a patient before he is put under the effect of anesthesia for surgery

Every day, in operating rooms across the globe, surgical technicians play a vital role in patient care and safety. Their expertise spans from the moment a patient is prepared for surgery until their recovery post-operation. This blog post delves into the intricacies of preoperative and postoperative patient care, vital sign monitoring, patient transferring techniques, and … Read more

Is Becoming a Surgical Technician Worth It?

Surgical Technologist in an operating room setting up medical instruments

Is Becoming a Surgical Technician Worth It? Exploring the Rewards and Challenges of Pursuing a Career in Surgical Technology If you’ve ever thought about diving into the medical field and becoming a surgical technician, you’re in for an exciting ride. Surgical technologists are the unsung heroes of the operating room. They work closely with surgeons … Read more

Launch Your Rewarding Career as a Surgical Tech

A surgical technician with arms crossed looking at the camera with a surgery taking place in the background.

Opportunities and Work Environments Embarking on a journey to become a surgical technician opens doors to a fulfilling and dynamic profession. With a continuously growing demand for healthcare services, the outlook for surgical technologists remains promising. According to the latest data, the employment of surgical technologists is projected to increase by 7 percent from 2020 … Read more

The Role of a Surgical Technologist: Skills and Responsibilities

A surgical technologist in an operating room putting on latex gloves.

If you’re considering a career as a surgical technologist, it’s essential to understand the multifaceted role you’ll play in the operating room. Surgical technologists, often referred to as surgical techs, are integral members of surgical teams, ensuring that procedures are conducted safely and efficiently. In this article, we’ll explore the various skills and responsibilities that … Read more

What is a Scrub Tech?

A surgical assistant wearing a mask working with a surgeon in an operating room.

A scrub technician, often referred to as a surgical technologist, plays a vital role in the operating room, contributing to the smooth execution of surgical procedures. While their primary responsibility is to provide sterile equipment to the surgeon, their duties extend beyond that. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the various facets of a scrub tech’s … Read more

Funding Your Surgical Tech Education: Grants and Federal Loans

A student loan and financial aid college application packet with a pen ready to start.

Embarking on a career in healthcare as a surgical technician can be both rewarding and promising. However, the road to becoming a skilled surgical tech involves education and training, which often comes with a significant financial commitment. Fortunately, there are various federal grants and loans available to assist aspiring surgical technicians in financing their education. … Read more