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Surgical Technician School

CNI College’s Surgical Technology Program is a great place for those interested in becoming a surgical technician to start the process. The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in a number of different environments and health care facilities. Included in the program is 500 hours of a mandatory externship, which must be completed prior to graduation. During the externship, students will gain a hands-on understanding of what a position as a surgical technician entails.

With classroom training, mock surgeries and externships, you’re closer than ever to become a qualified surgical technician with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently enter the professional workplace as a practicing surgical technician.

Surgical Technician
As core members of an operating room team, surgical technicians primarily fulfill the first scrub role. Throughout the course of a workday, a surgical technician will help prepare the operating room for surgery, including making sure all equipment is sterile and maintaining the cleanliness of the operating room. Surgical technicians assemble sterile equipment, ensure it’s working properly, and make any necessary adjustments before the surgery begins.

Surgical Technician Job Description
Before the surgical procedure begins, a surgical technician will assist the surgeon with putting on their gown and gloves, as well as assisting the surgeon in placing sterile drapes on the patient in order to create a sterile field. During the surgical procedure, the surgical technician is responsible for anticipating the needs of the surgeon and ensuring all necessary supplies are on hand.

In some cases, a surgical technician may fulfill the assistant circulator role, based on state and/or hospital regulations. In this role, the technician will assist in transporting patients to and from the operating room, positioning the patient on the operating table, and shaving or disinfecting the surgery sites. Throughout the surgery, the surgical technician is expected to assist the surgeon by obtaining additional supplies, replacing full suction containers, and providing sterile dressings upon completion.


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