Top 10 iPhone Apps for Nurses

In the age of technology, new applications are spawning each and every day with the purpose of making our lives easier. There are applications that help nurses’ lives and make them easier.

Here is our list of top 10 IPhone nursing apps:

  1. Fast Facts – Kathy White Fast Facts library is now made for the IPhone
  2. MedCalc – A free medical calculator
  3. Pedi-STAT – Input a child’s weight or height and have access to drug doses for critical situations
  4. Infuse – This app allows you to input all of your hospital’s drug concentrations where you can quickly, easily, and reliably calculate infusion boluses and drips
  5. Nursing Central – this app carries a readable Davis’s Drug Guide, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Diseases and Disorders, Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis, Medicine Journals, and a Taber’s dictionary
  6. Lytes – A quick review of electrolyte disorders, clinical findings and treatments
  7. iMurmur – A nice review and collection of heart sounds.
  8. VisualDX – Build a different diagnosis of rashes by simply inputting your findings and patient information
  9. Epocrates – Allows you to have up-to-date drug information at your fingertips
  10. Eponyms – Look up more than 1,000 other eponyms with this free or otherwise inexpensive application

Technology and apps are making it easier for clinical nurses to diagnose and treat patients. Learn more about you can become a nurse at CNI College.