What To Expect After Graduation

One of the most exciting times in your life is graduation from your chosen program of study. You are now ready to face the world and find the job you have been training for! However, some students are surprised at how difficult it may be to find a job right away or how much work they still have to do after graduation in order to be prepared for their career.

CNI College offers our students better preparation than many other schools. However, there are also things we must work with our students on in order to ensure that they are truly ready for the job market. Here are some tips on what to expect after graduation from our professions. Remember, if you have questions at any time, our counselors are ready to help you with job placement, licensing information and other things that may affect your job search.

  • Licensure. Licensure can be a confusing subject for students. There are some jobs that do not require licensure at all, some in which it is optional and some in which it is required. The first step is to determine which is true in your field of study. Additionally, each state often has its own licensure requirements. If you are licensed as a nurse in California, it is likely that Nevada, Arizona or Oregon will have different licensing requirements. If you move, you may have to go through the process of acquiring your license in your new state. While some states have reciprocity agreements with California, others do not. It is important to determine exactly what is required in your new location to obtain your license.
  • Certification. In some courses of study, you simply receive a certificate stating that you have completed the requirements of the degree. This certification may be useful in obtaining a job, although you may still have to sit for a state board examination. Certification is not the same as licensure. Licensure is always given by the state, while certification may be given by the school you attend.
  • Job placement. At CNI College, we take very seriously our commitment to helping our students find the right jobs in their fields. This means that we have a strong job placement program and work with our students to ensure that they have employment upon graduation. However, no one can guarantee you a job in your field. It is very important that you work with the job placement counselors to locate suitable employment and to secure those jobs yourself. This means having a fantastic resume, good interview skills and a neat, presentable appearance as well as having the technical knowledge needed to do the job.

CNI College is an institution that believes in job placement and job security. We offer only the degrees that we know will lead to the strongest possibility of employment, and we provide job placement services to help students location the jobs in those field. For more information, visit our website at cnicollege.edu.