Nurses & Nursing Students Use Technology to Collaborate

The world of nursing is constantly changing, just as technology is consistently improving. By using innovative social media, like Google Hangouts, nurses can collaborate and learn from each other faster than ever. In the past, nursing students and working nurses had the option to learn from a classroom instructor, mediums like books or television shows, and their immediate contemporaries.

Although live video conferencing has been an option for years, it has never been as user-friendly or accessible as it is today. Today, anyone with access to a Google account can connect to someone else in a matter of minutes. While some use Google Hangouts to catch up with friends and discuss the latest blockbuster, others are using the technology to exchange ideas and further themselves in a professional sense.

In one video, four nurses and nursing students discuss how technology played a part in their education and career. The contributors all agree on one main point: nurses shouldn’t solely be users of technology, but contributors.  In another video, two nurses and a nursing student discuss nursing education and how learning from other nurses via collaboration and communication, whether in person or online, can be beneficial.

As a student pursuing a nursing degree, incorporating technology into your professional life is growing increasingly more important. Read on for more information on how nurses are using technology, like Google Hangouts, to collaborate and learn from one another.