Veterans Retraining To Becoming Nurses

Those who have served our country with pride deserve recognition and thanks. However, what they deserve even more is the chance to integrate back into the community with the job skills that will allow them to become productive here at home as well. Sometimes, it is not as easy as simply leaving the military and applying for a job. These veterans may have gained rich medical experience in their travels and tours of duty, but that may not equate to a standard nursing degree here in the States. In order to help these veterans acclimate themselves to civilian requirements, CNI College offers programs that help veterans train to become nurses and receive the licensure that will allow them to practice here.

How Does CNI College Help Veterans to Become Nurses?

CNI College uses the same techniques and principles for veterans that we use for civilian students. We review the veterans’ transcript and make recommendations for the most streamlined approach to further training that will prepare him or her for the tests and other challenges they face in obtaining a license. Whether the veteran has a previous degree in another area or simply on-the-job experience, CNI College will work with him or her to ensure that we find the fastest route to the educational goal, whatever that may be.

In most cases, veterans have a combination of on-the-job training and education. For example, corpsmen in the military have often received a variety of classes in triage or emergency medical treatment but may not have studied some of the foundational theories of nursing. In that case, CNI College focuses on making up the need for a well-rounded nursing program by offering specific classes that will allow the veteran to take only what he or she needs. Ultimately, this results in a much faster and better course of study for the student and helps him or her reach educational goals more quickly.
According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services at, nursing is one of the fastest-growing job fields in the country. As veterans return from active duty, they should be able to take advantage of these new jobs and receive the training that is necessary to qualify them for these positions. CNI College is here to help.

As with all students, CNI College provides complete support throughout the veteran’s studies, including job placement services, preparation for examinations or other licensure requirements and even one-on-one counseling to choose the right course of study for stated career goals. No matter what your healthcare career objectives, CNI College can help with professional, friendly and supportive staff and services. Our counselors are well-trained in helping veterans take full advantage of financial aid and other benefits and can guide you through the process of obtaining your degree.

For more information, see our website at or call or visit our campus in Orange County. Thank you for your service, and we look forward to serving you!