New job? 10 things you should NOT be doing at your new job!

There are certain bush-league no-no’s when you start a new job. It’s understandable that many new hires are anxious on their first day, week, or even month on the job because they want to make a good impression, but sometimes you tend to overthink things. Here are ten things you should not do when you’re a new hire if you want to be impressionable:

  1. Do not make references of the way your old boss did things to your new boss because chances are, your boss has successfully done things for a while.
  2. Don’t be too trusting of your new co-workers
  3. Don’t go to your manager or boss for every little thing because they’re busy people too and even if you have questions, you should just jot them down until you have a strong list of questions to ask in one session. Who knows? You might just find the answers yourself along the way.
  4. Don’t be a “know-it-all” because one way to make a great impression is to come off as a humbling new hire, one who is interesting in learning more about all sorts of things in the new company and it shows you are willing to listen.
  5. Address those in authority properly
  6. Keep your complaints to a minimum because everyone has dealt with some nuisances before and you’re the new person so show some respect for employees that have been there longer than you.
  7. Be who you want to be. You have a new job and you have the ability to re-invent yourself since it is a new company, new surroundings, and new environment. This is probably very cliché but be the change you want to see in yourself.
  8.  Don’t take sides as a new hire. You would want to be the most neutral you can be, but be smart about it.
  9. Keep time off to a minimum
  10. Identify and stay away from negative employees who might get you into trouble

Being new at the job can be a time where you learn the most and especially, can be a very rewarding experience. If you’re looking to start your career somewhere, check to see if there is a CNI career college near you.