How You Can Train to Become a Surgical Tech Without Quitting Your Day Job

Switching career fields is not easy, especially if you’re looking at stepping into an in-demand area like healthcare. Stepping into a skilled profession like surgical technology often takes hands-on training and targeted education, and so many of us already have too much on our plates. We can’t afford to drop everything to sit in a classroom every morning.

This is why CNI College now offers night and weekend classes for their Surgical Technology Associate of Occupational Science degree program. To make it easier for you to go back to school without having to put your day-to-day responsibilities completely on hold.

What is a surgical technologist and what do they do?

A surgical technologist — sometimes also called an operating room technician — are key members of surgical teams, performing tasks like:

  • Preparing operating rooms
  • Arranging the necessary equipment for the procedure
  • Cleaning and prepping incision sites
  • Transporting patients to the surgery room
  • Counting supplies and ensuring the environment stays clean and sterile
  • Helping doctors during the actual surgeries

You can find surgical techs working in hospitals, medical centers, and public and private surgical centers. It’s a skilled, vital role that allows you to make a direct impact in the health and comfort of patients.

How do you become a surgical technologist?

Most employers are looking for surgical technologists who have gone through a formal education program, like an associate degree in surgical technology. Your best bet is to enroll in one that offers practical training in the real skills and competencies you’ll need on the job.

You should also look for a surgical technology program that readies you to sit for a certification exam with the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA). While it’s not an official requirement in order to work as a surgical technologist in California, many employer will look for NBSTSA certification in potential job candidates. To better ready you for this exam, CNI College includes the WBT CST practice exam as part of our curriculum.

What will I learn in a surgical technology program?

The Surgical Technology AOS program at CNI College uses a blend of online coursework, classroom instruction, and hands-on experience to prepare you for entry-level positions in the surgical technology field. Our curriculum covers topics like:

  • Disease processes and pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology and anesthesia
  • Sterilization and surgical instrumentation
  • Sutures, stales, and wound healing
  • Drains, tubes, catheters, sponges, and dressings
  • Different types of surgery, including pediatric, neurologic, vascular, and more

CNI College also includes a mandatory surgical technology externship so that you’ll be able to put your skills and knowledge to the test in an actual workplace.

Become a surgical technologist today

As the demand for healthcare services continues to grow across the state of California and the rest of the country, so likely will the need for surgical technologists. CNI College’s AOS degree program in Surgical Technology — now with the option for night and weekend classes — can be completed in just over 16 months.

To find out more, contact CNI College to talk to us about our programs and get started on the enrollment process.